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Finding relevant testing parameters

We help you find relevant testing parameters are the variables that are being tested in an A/B experiment. These parameters can include different features of the product or service, such as the color of a button, the placement of a call-to-action, or the wording of a headline.

Hypothesis formulation

Before you begin testing, you should have a clear hypothesis about what you want to test and why. This hypothesis should be based on data and insights about your users and their behavior. We help you formulate a crystal-clear hypothesis to test various aspects such as messaging, UI, colors, CTAs etc.

Crafting variations

Crafting variations is a critical step in A/B testing, as it involves creating different versions of a product or service to test against each other. The goal of this process is to identify the version that performs best based on a particular metric, such as conversion rate or click-through rate.

Test execution

Test execution is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires careful planning, monitoring, and analysis to ensure the validity and reliability of the test results. We help you with the implementation and deployment of A/B test variations to the targeted audience. It is a process of running the A/B test in the live environment to collect the data required for analysis.

Result analysis and deployment

After the testing is complete, the results of the experiment need to be analyzed, and decisions need to be made based on the insights gathered. We help you The analysis of the test results is crucial as it determines which variation of the website, app, or marketing campaign performed better.

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