Technology Extensions

Custom-built code libraries that are decoupled, reusable, stable, and thoroughly tested. They can be plugged-in easily into any project requirement, and customized as required.

Faster Development

Since they’re decoupled code libraries, we can integrate them into other code easily, and not re-write code unnecessarily

Reduced Testing

All extensions are thoroughly tested, hence reduce the amount of time and resources required in the QA phase of custom software development.

Completely Customisable

Extensions don’t mean templatised functionality – they just simplify our work flow. Your project is still completely custom.

Process Architecture

We research and follow principles and processes that promote faster development, that can support scale and feature increase over time.

Event-Driven Architecture

This helps in creating loosely coupled real-time complex analytical system, which provides us greater capacity to find, analyze, and respond to patterns in time before critical events happen.

Serverless Architecture

This approach allows us to create new apps in hours and days instead of weeks and months. Unlike dedicated servers, it doesn’t require capacity planning and is designed with built-in scalability provision.

Functional Programming

This helps brevity since code can be more concise. It also helps in concurrency, which is easier to do with FP because the compiler takes care of most of the operations which otherwise required manual set up.

Emerging Technology Offerings

We continuously experiment with the latest technologies, design patterns and custom software development methodologies to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. Our research provides you with a strategic advantage for challenges that require breakthrough solutions. We help our partners disrupt their respective industries with the power of groundbreaking technologies.

AI/ML Solutions

Stay ahead of market changes, anticipate customer desires faster, and get better insights from your data by modeling every aspect of your business with AI

IoT Solutions

Enabling businesses to reduce the complexity of IoT solutions and generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people, and devices.

OTT Applications

Comprehensive suite of services to help you manage, deliver and monetize your OTT content by providing an omnichannel experience to your viewers across devices such as web, mobile, smart TV, and other media streaming devices.

Customer Success

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