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  • A Data Driven

    Don't Shoot in the Dark

    Most of the software products that are developed using the traditional development approach do not take the user data into consideration, thus resulting in lower user engagement, retention rates and CLV (customer lifetime value).

    Fundamentally, Unthinkable is addressing these challenges by taking a new approach which focuses on user actions and behaviour right from the start.

    Keep Your Users in the Limelight

    Unthinkable’s data-driven development approach relies on user-data to guide the development process. It involves selecting and monitoring metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you:
    • Better understand your users
    • Anticpate friction points at an early stage
    • Provide an engaging customer journey
    • Build your software product based on user-data

    Creating a Common Stage for Product Design, Development & Performance Marketing Teams

    Although product design, development and performance marketing teams work towards a common goal, however they often work in silos. Amidst accomplishing daily tasks and achieving short-term goals, they often fall out of touch with each other and it is the software product that takes the hit. The key that can keep all these teams to focus on success of the software product is user data.

    Product Design, product development and performance marketing teams need to feed off each other to increase their product familiarity. All this is possible when they know what the users are doing on the product. Hence user-data
    is the missing piece that differentiates software engineering from data driven software engineering.

    User-data Driven Services That Set You Up For Success

    Data Driven Software Engineering

    Starting with the user & working backwards

    Data Driven User Engagement

    Meaningfully engage users with your product

    Data Driven User Acquisition

    Acquire relevant users with crystal-clear messaging

    Meet Our Customers

    Over the last few years, we have utilized our data-driven software engineering services to develop 100+ web and mobile for organizations of varied sizes and domains.