10 best React Native apps in 2021

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This article speaks about the most popular React Native apps and explains what makes this framework special.

Over the years React Native has already earned a lot of respect from the most well-known businesses. React Native is ideal for development and is the reason for being selected by the well knows brands for mobile app development. We have summed up a list of the 10 best React Native apps in 2021.

It is really difficult to imagine the world without this mobile app. From info about the hottest news to scandals, from finding the best recipes to best workouts. Instagram covers all the interesting scenarios, keeping the users engaged.

Being one of the most popular mobile apps in the world it has a monthly active user of around 1billion and thousands join this platform every day. Instagram is developed on React Native, which allows its developers to ship features faster for both iOS and Android.

In early 2017 Skype announced that their development team was developing an app using React Native. The new Skype on android was heavily renewed and a huge part of this was rebuilt ranging from functionality to design.

Almost all the features from the previous app were added to the new app and included some new features. For example, Microsoft has integrated Giphy which lets the user send or share GIP files over a chat/conversation.

For those who don’t know UberEats is a platform that allows you to order food from your favourite restaurants and get it delivered to your doorstep. To make this app possible the development team need to put all the parties together, like the restaurant, diners and delivery partners. Uber’s team needed to improve on the built-in restaurant dashboard and rewrite this complete component using React Native.

The development team indicated that although React Native was used for a rather small part of the UberEat ecosystem, however, the experience of using it was astounding.

One of the most famous retailers on the planet, Walmart had to retain its top position in the market and so had to improve the customer experience. Walmart’s team placed their bets on React Native.

With React Native the team could simultaneously build apps for iOS and Android apps with half the labour cost. In the initial stage of development as well as during the creation of additional features the development was very quick and there were able to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction through their app. As a result, Walmart has recommended using React Native in creating new mobile projects.

The famous all-electric car manufacturer, Tesla also uses React Navtie in their mobile app. The mobile app has a lot of features such as charging indicators, lights and horn personalization, locks or the panoramic roof etc. which was only possible to be implemented in the app using React Native.

Facebook Ads
React Native was released by Facebook in 2015 and has since been the go-to framework and is an important part of the company’s tech stack.

Wix is a popular website that allows its users to create their own custom websites and manage the content on them in a very convenient way. In addition, Wix also gives its users a mobile application that is made using React Native.

Wix also offers React Native crash courses, independent learning programs created to help developers learn the basics before they can start writing codes on React Native.

When Bloomberg decided to create a mobile app of high-quality solution that would offer its users a good user experience and the ability to personalize content. So they opted for React Native.

Using React Native the developers were quickly able to rebuild the consumer app and add whole new features. The whole process only took around 5 months which is roughly half of the time taken with other native technologies.

One of the most famous digital marketplace for arranging or offering homestays, lodging and tourism experiences. Recently Airbnb decided to use other frameworks, however, so far React Native has helped the company to accelerate its development of the mobile app.

SoundCloud Pulse
SoundCloud Pulse lets music content creators manage their accounts and interact with other people in the community. It is also built using React Native.

Due to the ease of use of React Native the company has continued to use this framework.

So this concludes our list of the 10 best React Native apps in 2021. These apps are all popular, which goes to say that all the big shots are using React Native for their mobile apps.

In terms of performance, React Native offer an amazing user experience to the users and significantly reduces the development time for the companies. So if you are looking to get a mobile app developed using React Native in half of the time that it usually takes, make sure to book a free no-obligation call with our experts.

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