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4 must-have modules in an email marketing tool

Key modules that an email marketing tool should have.
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Email Marketing Tool


An email marketing tool is a software platform that allows businesses and individuals to create, manage, and send marketing emails to a list of subscribers. These tools provide various features such as email templates, list management, automation, analytics, and integrations with other marketing tools. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and can be used for various purposes such as promoting products or services, generating leads, building brand awareness, and nurturing customer relationships. Email marketing tools can help businesses streamline their marketing efforts and increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

Email marketing tools can help grow a business in several ways, including:

Building and growing an email list:

Email marketing tools provide various features to help businesses build and grow their email list, such as sign-up forms, landing pages, and lead magnets. A larger email list means more potential customers to market to, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.

Targeted marketing campaigns:

Email marketing tools allow businesses to segment their email list based on factors such as location, demographics, interests, and behavior. This enables businesses to send targeted and relevant messages to their subscribers, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.


Email marketing tools offer automation features, such as autoresponders and drip campaigns, that allow businesses to send personalized messages to subscribers at the right time. This can help nurture leads and keep customers engaged, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases.


Email marketing tools provide detailed analytics and insights into the performance of email campaigns, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This data can help businesses optimize their campaigns for better results and ROI.

Integration with other marketing tools:

Email marketing tools can be integrated with other marketing tools such as CRM systems, social media, and landing page builders. This enables businesses to create a cohesive marketing strategy and improve their overall marketing efforts.

Why custom email marketing tool?


By using your own servers, you have complete control over the security of your data, including access control, encryption, and backups. You can customize your security measures to meet the specific needs of your organization, which can be more effective than relying on a one-size-fits-all solution. Email list will be safe in your own server instead of any third party applications.

Customize email template:

By implementing a customized email template, you can create a more personalized and engaging email experience for your customers while also maintaining greater control over the appearance and functionality of your emails.


It is important to monitor the performance of your customized email template over time and make adjustments as needed to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Customize reporting:

Customizing your reporting instead of using third-party fixed reports can provide several benefits, including the ability to tailor your reports to your specific business needs and gain deeper insights into your data.

Important features of Email marketing tool

Email list

Email listing is having all contact information like name, email, phone, address, country, ip address etc. Each contact will be mapped with multiple categories and tags based on contact interest.


Campaign is the section where we select a predefined email template and change the content of the template as per our requirement and then select a segment of the contacts. Here we can check the stats of the campaign.

Personalize Template:

We will have some predefined template and you need to change the content only. There will be templates for many topics and you can create your custom template and use it further for other campaigns also.


You can select the segment to send the personalized campaign to the audience.

Send now or schedule it for later: Campaign can be sent immediately and you can schedule the campaign for any later date and time.

Check stats of the campaign: You can check open Rate, click Rate, unsubscribe, hard bounce and total campaign cost



In this section, we can create a custom form with dynamic fields. Here you can also create custom fields and include this field in your form. This form can be used to generate leads into the system.

Create a form with dynamic fields:

We select fields and choose the template for welcome email here.

Custom fields:

We can create fields as per our requirement and use it into our form.

Double Opt-in:

We use double opt-in to increase the email delivery and avoid any unwanted contact to receive email. Here contact will get the email first and it will be added into the system once contact clicks on the verification emails.

Single Opt-in:

We add contact into our system once contact submit the form.


Sequence is a very important feature of email marketing tool which is used to configure the email based on contact action. Email will be sent to the contact action based.

For example, we want to send an email to contacts who have already clicked on the campaign. So will configure the campaign click event in the sequence and email will be triggered for those contacts who clicked on the link inside the campaign.


Trigger is the section where we define the event. Like
– Added into a tag
– Filled a form
– Added into a category


Here we can configure the actions like
– Send an emails
– Send a sms
– Add to a tag
– Add to a category
– Remove from a tag
– Remove from a category

Time Delay:

Time delay is the component which we can add between actions. Suppose we want to send 2 emails. First email will be triggered immediately and second email will go the next day then we can add a 1 day time delay between these 2 emails.

Conditional split:

We can use conditional split to perform multiple actions based on condition. Like contact will receive email 1 if it is added into a tag otherwise contact will receive email 2.


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