6 Ways AI is changing the Online Gaming landscape

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become the buzzword for today’s tech industry. Wherever there is progress to be seen, there is some role of or reliance on AI to be seen with it. AI has garnered attention from the big business players such as the founder of Tesla Elon Musk to the smallest of the game developers working on apps from their garages.

At this stage, it is abundantly clear to us that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the new focus of all the major as well as small industries in the coming future. It has already taken some strides in certain sectors but it is about to take bigger leaps in the other and one such sector is the Gaming sector. The role of AI in games has been on the rise since the beginning of the previous decade.

It is because of Artificial Intelligence and smart processes that we are on the brink of a new technological revolution. The faucet holding this new revolution has already leaked some drops into the online gaming landscape. Theresa Duringer, CEO of Temple Gate Games has defined AI in games as: “AI is any computer process that’s driving decision-making by an agent.” This is gaming AI in its simplest form. It ensures that the gaming experience takes its course with each external stimuli presented to it. In a more complex way, we can see that AI has changed the complete experience of online gaming, and now it keeps adapting to the preferences of the players. To understand this better, let us see 6 ways in which AI is changing the Online Gaming landscape:

Making gameplay more and more realistic
It has been said on multiple occasions that it’s AI that puts life into the game. Over time, this statement has become undeniable. Any game, in its easiest form, would have a start, a journey, and an end. A very monotonous and predictable thing to do but the development of AI in gaming ensures that the experience from the start to the end is engaging and thrilling for the person playing.

This thrill is added by making the game more and more realistic for the particular player by collecting some necessary data. For eg. – while developing a character in the game, the players are presented with various options. These choices help AI in making the game experience more realistic.

Changing the difficulty levels to ensure player engagement
A game cannot exist in two binaries of being tough or easy. The difficulty level in gaming needs to work in accordance with the experience of players and the improvements they have made throughout. A game needs to gradually increase the difficulty level so to keep the player engaged throughout. These in-game changes in levels are done through the use of AI. More and more new games immediately sense that a player is facing difficulty and drop the level of the game and sometimes immediately increase it.

Shifting focus on Mobile Gaming
Another important way how AI is changing the online gaming landscape is by becoming user-friendly on mobile phones. A new trend has been observed that a lot of adults with jobs enjoy playing games while they are on the move. Now not everyone can carry a gaming console or their PC, so the focus has shifted towards mobile gaming and AI programs are being developed to make them just as good as PC games.

Improving the visuals
Online games in the last few years have seen a drastic change in the quality of visuals. It has been realized that the more original the game is, the more it is enjoyed by the majority of people. Earlier not every game could have excellent visuals as it would require various artists and programmers to achieve the feat but with AI these processes have become predetermined and easy to do without driving up the costs of hiring too many visual artists.

Providing real-life experiences from the comforts of home
The introduction of games that are highly original and provide real-life experiences has provided people with the option to experience things without leaving their homes. The gaming industry with the introduction of virtual reality and motion sensors has made people more engaged with games than going outside as it is easier to partake in them at their own convenience.

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Development of Esports
The development of AI in gaming has made Esports a multi-billion dollar industry in the online gaming landscape. Esports has become a great trend amongst young people that many have started considering as a career option or a permanent source of income. Such developments are creating new institutions of capital circulation that will only grow large with time.

AI in gaming has not only changed the online gaming landscape but has established a whole new industry with the engagement of people that have never been seen before. It has created a space for game developers to become billionaire tech giants and provide gamers with new modern career options where they can play games for a living, just like on-ground sports.
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