Best Tech Startups To Watch Out In 2021

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Business startups are extremely relevant and important to boost the growth of an economy. Most startups are established with an innovative idea in mind, which will help in enhancing living standards and developing communities.

Today, we have numerous tech startups across the world that aim to offer exceptional information technology solutions. While some companies, like Buffer and DropBox, have used the lean startup approach to get a huge customer base, others use state-of-the-art business models to make their presence felt.

You will also find many offering quality technologies consulting services. Here are some of the top tech startups that we need to watch out for in 2021.

One startup offering top-class DevOps solutions is Developed in Vancouver in 2017 using a Slack-first application, offers a serverless DevOps infrastructure to suit the needs of development teams to enhance the innovation cycles of their products and services.

Companies starting with the platform need to first set up a Workflow Agent for incorporating their existing tools. They can then build a personalized workflow and choose tools from’s pipelines, commands, and services.

Spacemaker AI

Spacemaker was the first company to create an AI-powered design software for the real estate sector. This company utilizes AI technologies to maximize the potential of building sites and structures, thereby tackling the problem of environmental pollution in real estate. Building architects and designers can make use of this platform to create smart, environmentally-friendly designs and provide developers with important statistics for each site.


Gone are the days when you need to sit in front of desktops and use complex codes to create a website. Quuie is a unique software that can help anyone from non-technical backgrounds to create a webpage or a website for their respective companies without the need for coding. You just need to make a few swipes and click a few buttons on your phone to develop a website.


Another company offering DevOps solutions for organizations worldwide is ShuttleOps. This cloud-based DevOps platform can build and manage complex application delivery processes. Using ShuttleOps’ visual pipelines, developers and infrastructure professionals can easily connect to their respective DevOps tools to build codes. What’s more? It comes with a simple drag and drop interface!


One IT startup that is proving to be a boon for call centers is Observe.AI. ObeserveAI helps in transforming the interaction between call agents and customers. It makes use of machine learning algorithms to analyze the tone of the conversation and improve the customer experience.

The AI-powered platform can detect silence in calls and help identify which agent requires more coaching. It can be also used to identify agents who have turned a negative conversation into a positive one.


Built on an open-source stack, Sysdig is a DevOps platform that offers security to run Kubernetes, containers, and cloud services. Many top companies across the world have been making use of this amazing technology solutions provider to track the performance and requirements of their Kubernetes-orchestrated container environments. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform can also be used for detecting runtime threats and troubleshooting cloud infrastructures.


Cloud storage helps in automating processes, securing critical data and offers a convenient option to share files. Imagine making the best use of cloud storage at a reasonable rate. That’s why Wasabi has become a successful IT startup today.

Wasabi offers cloud storage for organizations at affordable rates – at 80% cheaper than Amazon S3! The solutions provided by Wasabi are tailored to suit different organizations, industries, cloud strategies, and use cases.


Imagine getting a personalized playlist in a matter of seconds, tailored to suit the tastes and preferences of your customers! That’s what Soundsuit does. The Soundsuit smart assistant is developed using top-class technology that can create any type of playlist for different event themes and genres. The application is trusted amongst many global stores as there is no need to apply manual effort in changing music throughout the day.

A Final Word

Many startups have successfully made a mark in their respective fields as they are committed to offering quality technology solutions to simplify processes for their customers. Some of these startups even go on to become unicorns.

According to recent statistics, you have 64.7% unicorns from the US, followed by 13.8% from China and 4.1% from India. To ensure success, startups need to focus on paying attention to what their customer base is looking for, making continuous improvements, and stay abreast with changing trends.


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