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Can Personalized HIE Be A Game Changer In-Patient And Palliative Care Services?

Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With the increase in the number of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and other units, there is a constant need for top-quality healthcare solutions to improve patient and palliative care.

Thanks to advancing technologies in the medical field, there are a number of hospital management software programs developed by reputable healthcare software companies to simplify the tasks of medical staff. And one such popular process being the Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE). This post will explain everything you need to know about HIE and its many advantages.

What Exactly Is HIE?

First things first. HIE is a hospital management software that allows healthcare workers to access and share patient’s medical records electronically. All these years, important patient information was always on paper. This software was developed to improve the efficiency of accessing and sharing the records, without the need of storing hard copies. Here are the three forms of HIE:

  • Directed exchange: In this form of HIE, healthcare workers share the patient information from the portal safely and securely.
  • Query-based exchange: Healthcare workers can make use of this exchange to view specific details in the patient’s portal to understand the root cause of their ailment/health issue and find the right solution to treat it. Healthcare workers use this for emergencies as well.
  • Consumer-mediated exchange: As the name suggests, this exchange is designed for the consumers, i.e. the patients. They will be given access to view details of their health records online, which thereby helps them to manage their well-being.

Advantages Of HIE

Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider implementing HIE in your healthcare unit.

Better Patient Care

HIE can ensure better patient care by:

  • Improving patient safety: Perhaps the biggest benefit of HIE is that medical errors can be avoided. Healthcare providers will be able to get all the information they need from the patient’s portal. They’ll be able to offer the right drug dosage and update the results of the medical tests regularly.
  • Eliminating duplicate treatments: As every important information, right from the health issue and diagnosis to the medication prescribed, is properly documented in the portal, duplicate treatments can be avoided.
  • Offering better diagnosis: With proper access to the patient’s medical history, healthcare providers will be able to offer an accurate diagnosis to treat the medical condition as well as the underlying issues.
  • Improving testing and scanning: When the provider can reference the hospital management software to understand what the patient is going through, they can save precious time and directly proceed with the treatment instead of asking patients to get retest and scans done.

Improved Efficiency

When you have a healthcare app development company on board to create an HIE-friendly system for your healthcare unit, you only have to spend on the initial investment. Once that is clear, you’ll be only saving a lot of money. Healthcare workers are familiar with the way the HIE system works and can save time when they use it to access information.

Environmentally Friendly Initiative

Gone are the days of paper. Many industries like the banking, food, and hospitality sectors, have been adopting measures to go paperless for the past few years. The healthcare sector has also followed suit and has been investing in innovative digital tools like HIE to enhance the way they function. It not only helps in protecting the environment but also ensures that sensitive patient information doesn’t get leaked accidentally.

The Future Of HIE in Healthcare

Large healthcare units are looking for reputable healthcare app development companies to develop HIE and other healthcare software programs for their many branches. According to a recent study on the HIE market, with major players incorporating this state-of-the-art healthcare software, the HIE market is predicted to flourish by 2026.
Moreover, as they can see a lot of scope in this field, there are many healthcare IT companies across the globe that are developing software programs to run HIE.

HIE is sure a good process, but it won’t be able to replace the communication between the healthcare worker and the patient. However, by utilizing this effective digital tool, you can ensure to offer quality patient and palliative care in your healthcare center.


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