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The beginning of the EdTech revolution : Edtech in 2023

The rise of EdTech revolution
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2023 has been a year of many firsts – our first social distancing, first lockdowns, wearing masks as the new normal, and many more. The greatest and most positive change has been in the education sector, with the ushering of virtual classrooms. Entire schools and other educational institutions have beautifully transitioned to using school management software to manage their daily affairs.

From teaching classes and managing attendance to the use of learning management software, schools have adapted to the EdTech way of life smoothly over a few months. The school management software is useful in more than one way, and 2022 has seen a proliferation of EdTech startups that are now riding on the success of virtual classrooms.

Role of Online School Management Software is Revolutionizing Education

School management software is simply a technological aid to manage the daily administrative tasks of a school. These include student registration processes, data management, recording exam, assessment data, etc.
According to some of the recent studies and market reviews, Schoolknot is being hailed as the best school management software. It is most likely for its unique feature that allows the software to generate automated fee reports. It is integrated with data analytics that provides the option of an intuitive inquiry module for a widely differing range of tasks. It is one of the most commonly used school ERP software at present.

Other high-performing and in-demand school management software include EDUMAAT, Digital School, Parentsalarm, MyClassCampus, and HDSchool. Each software is designed to facilitate a streamlined process of implementing administrative procedures, including virtual classrooms. It reduces the administrative workload of teachers to a great extent, allowing them to focus more on maximizing learning outcomes for students using an array of e-learning software.

Usage of Content Management System Software

Also known as Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), these are online platforms that are user-friendly, and where teachers and instructors can generate e-learning content for their classes. It allows you to embed texts and videos as part of your e-learning modules. It has also increased student engagement a great deal.

Here are the top recommendations for learning management software:

  1. Tovuti
  2. Bridge
  3. Coassemble
  4. CoreAchieve
  5. Absorb LMS

Increasing Staff Engagement through School ERP Software

A comprehensive school management software allows you the ease of getting things done through a single tool. Entab is one such top-performing online school management software that has adopted a 360° approach that connects the different school stakeholders, including staff, parents, and students. It comes with separate portals for different stakeholders integrated into a single system. It also gives the benefit of reducing your staff’s hassle and increasing your administrative efficiency.

School management software, in short, has made the unthinkable possible- to transcend the barriers of a physical classroom and expand the scope of learning. More and more educational institutions are adopting both the school ERP software and the learning management software to provide a holistic experience to both their staff and students. It is slowly, but gradually laying the foundation for the greatest change in the management process in education, after an exceptionally long time.

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