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2020 has seen the emergence of many ed-tech platforms that are focusing on offering solution-driven education management software. Their goal, on one hand, is to support schools and other educational institutes to transition smoothly to digital learning, while on the other, they are supplementing learning with the best learning management software for students.

So, what makes these ed-tech platforms work so well? The answer lies in the technology stack that is used to create these products like web or mobile-based applications. Any education software company will first have to determine the best tech stack that can complement its application in terms of high user-friendliness.

What is a Technology Stack?

A tech stack, put simply, is the foundation of any software application. As a user, the learning management software or content management system software that you see in front of you is powered by some critical elements that constitute its tech stack. These include computer frameworks, languages, and other software that build the entire application in the form that you finally use.

Client-side Tech Stack
As a user too, you should carefully consider the elements that go into building the best school ERP software that you are looking for. So, what are the things you should look for while choosing an education management software?

Programming Language: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the things you must look for while purchasing any product from any education software company. These are programming languages that make the computer text readable for the end-user.

Ed Tech Platforms: Be sure to do a thorough review of the education software company that you are partnering with. Check for customer service, product integration, and competitive pricing.

Which EdTech Platform Should You Watch Out For?

Education is being revolutionized with the onset of digital learning. Many factors have contributed to this:

Interactive Learning: Unlike traditional classroom teaching, or tutorials, ed-tech platforms like Byju’s or Vedantu emphasize instruction-based interactive learning. This increases student participation manifold.

Use of Learning Aids: Any education software company today only designs content that has the scope to incorporate the use of learning aids. This helps simplify learning and relate concepts to real-world solutions.

AI-backed Learning: Chatbots, Anytime Learning, and other solutions backed by artificial intelligence are a favorite among students and teachers alike. This has also increased the demand for ed-tech platforms.

Top Performing EdTech Platforms

Byju’s: Launched in 2015, it is considered the pioneer of digital education in India, offering learning solutions across grades IV to XII as well as competitive exam support.

Classroom.Live: A leading edtech platform across the nation, Classroom.live takes virtual learning a notch higher by its innovative platform with several USPs.

Vedantu: Another rising star, its web-based training platform is a favorite thanks to its customizable learning platform.

Digital Aristotle: It focuses on blended learning through building social skills and using the power of AI.

Ed Tech platforms are here to stay. The tech stack to support any education management software is proliferating and evolving almost every day. The two together are sure to take global education to new heights and help students learn better and faster.

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