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  • The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of Mobile Application Development

    AI (Artificial intelligence) has always been in the news, has been highlighted in various movies and now it paves the way for the future for mobile app development.

    For those who don’t know, Artificial Intelligence is the technology that can develop human-like intelligence in machines. In other words an ability of a computer or a machine to mimic the capabilities of a human mind. AI uses a combination of multiple technologies to equip machines in acting, comprehending, planning, learning, and sensing with human-like intelligence.

    AI-powered tools can provide a detailed and personalized user experience when a mobile app is built using it. Apps developed using AI can anticipate user’s actions, understand their behavior, and are able to create a personalized connection, making it better for user satisfaction. This in turn increases user engagement and builds up long-term brand loyalty and meaningful user experience.

    Below are a few ways how AI will shape the future of mobile app development.

    Automated Reply Functions
    AI when integrated with mobile application development can enable auto-reply features. This will enable communication between the user and the device. Google is already using this feature of auto-reply in Gmail, which goes by the name of smart reply. Whenever a message is sent to the user the feature comprehends the message and sends out an appropriate reply.

    Language Translation
    With the help of AI, we can have a feature of real-time language translation. It saves the user the need to download a different app specifically for this purpose. AI enables machine learning and so can power the app to learn different dialects of the same language and can easily translate it in real-time. Incorporating this technology in mobile apps will help people to communicate in a better way with each other and also increase the application’s reach, globally.

    Facial Recognition
    Security is a huge issue nowadays. With AI, facial recognition features can be implemented in apps. Tech giants such as Apple are using facial recognition to enhance security, enhance satisfaction and improve security. There are developments in the field of facial recognition and the improved version would be able to identify faces with even the growth of a beard or with scars. Facial recognition also helps in the prevention of children in accessing sensitive or restricted content. It can also predict or detect cybersecurity threats. Facial recognition can also be used in healthcare as it can scan a patient’s face, identify symptoms and make accurate diagnoses.

    Chatbots have gained their share of appreciation from the pandemic. When people were restricted by social distancing, chatbots took the role of customer service executives. Chatbots act like customer care staff – people can chat with them and ask questions. Developers are now adding this feature to their applications so that they would not need to set and hire a separate customer care team. Developers can train these chatbots to answer questions based on the most frequent questions asked by their customers. It eliminates the need of hiring a customer care executive to answer repetitive questions, saves time and money.

    High Productivity
    Mobile apps developed using AI are productive, efficient, latency-free, and highly responsive. For example, Microsoft 365, is fast, efficient, and performs adequately.

    An app that allows its users to personalize it according to its uses gathers more customer loyalty. Apps today have algorithms that can do predictive analytics and can alter the overall content of the app, using historical data collected from the users using the app. It is now a benchmark practice for apps that we use today. Be it personal recommendations or ads that you want the app to show. All are driven by the integrated AI-based personalization feature.

    AI will indeed play a vital role in the future of mobile app development. It will provide developers with the capability to do numerous innovations. However, only time will tell what innovations lay ahead in this path. One thing’s for sure is that the role of AI in mobile applications development will soon become the groundwork for mobile applications development.

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