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  • Top 10 Software Development Trends of 2021


    Businesses want to be better, want their processes to be streamlined, and have a good ROI. Software development is a field that is constantly evolving. The need for better technological and societal aspects is driving these changes. For example, businesses are looking for a secure way to execute contracts which could be done by pushing blockchain technology to the next level. Likewise, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its uses, businesses are forced to become more concerned about “ethical AI”.

    Applying top-of-the-line development methodologies and integrating top-notch technologies concerning customer requirements are the key indicators where businesses should focus their efforts. Every new year gives birth to a new trending software development technology and not utilizing it is a waste of an opportunity. On the other hand, becoming a leader in any current trending technologies in software is a way to have a competitive advantage and satisfy your customers.

    Well, it is difficult to determine the exact landscape of software development in 2021, however, below are some predictions based on the current trends.

    Stress on Cloud
    As the pandemic struck in 2020, the requirement for cloud services increased. Companies used cloud services to scale up or down according to the prevailing market situation. Some industries were booming in the pandemic while others such as tourism witnessed an acute drop in demand. Companies that were already using cloud-based platforms did not have to pay for data center services. So in the year 2021, more companies are expected to move their operations to the cloud.

    Increasing Use of Blockchain
    Blockchain is considered one of the most disruptive technologies developed in modern times. Bearing the ability to change the whole industry. Blockchain was well known for its role in cryptocurrency, however, it is used in the prevention of fraud in sensitive transactions. In 2021, Blockchain is going to be used as a smart contract mechanism.

    Growth of AI
    It is expected that AI will gain undivided attention in 2021, given that businesses with AI-powered capabilities are more likely to succeed than their competitors. The field of NLP (Natural Language Processing) enables computers to write text and create software programs, which is in the spectrum of interests for various industries. Likewise, the awareness of ethical AI, that software engineering program ensures that it “does the right thing”, will also be put to use as AI starts to take over various additional human functions.

    Introduction of Low-Code/No-Code Development
    Today the demand for software developers has surpassed their availability. The introduction of low-code/no-code development (LCNC) has enabled businesses to move forward easily with the inclusion of any new initiatives. With LCNC no software development training is required to create applications and databases to support agile operations. LCNC is now becoming common among companies and is expected to in 2021 and in the times to come.

    Prevalence of Python and JavaScript
    The demand for programming languages that are easy to use and learn are becoming more and more popular nowadays, which is why Python and JavaScript would still be in demand in 2021. Python is broadly used in data sciences and multiple fields whereas JavaScript is still considered to be the most popular programming language in general, especially among budding developers.

    Use of Modern Languages
    Various modern languages are also forced to meet the demand of software engineers of today. For example, Go, Rust and Kotlin are on a fast track to becoming popular among the developers due to features like null safety, type inference, consciousness, and expressiveness. Interestingly many experts believe that Rust will make a breakthrough this year. Recently both Amazon and Microsoft have announced their investments in Rust.

    Rise of Native App Development
    With the increase in the number of mobile devices, mobile app development is becoming more and more important than ever. Native app development is used to create apps with higher performance and flexibility. Native apps development gives developers the ability to create two or more separate versions of an app for any which works with the main mobile operating systems available today.

    Availability of Progressive Web Apps
    Progressive web apps (PWAs) are extremely beneficial as it gives the users a streamlined experience without businesses having to develop separate mobile apps for a particular OS. PWAs are built using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML and can be operated by any user having a web browser, regardless of the operating system (OS). PWAs can help businesses with cost-saving and improve customer engagement, so their uses are most likely to increase in the year 2021.

    Expansion of the IoT
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is making things easier for us. It is expanding rapidly and includes billions of connected devices in the agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and shipping industries. Every device needs software to operate it, which means more software engineers are needed to write those programs and secure them from hackers. IoT is set to impact the world in 2021.

    Importance of UX
    It is a myth that software development is all about functionality. Truth be told it is not only about functionality but also about usability. The users must be able to comprehend how to operate the application irrespective of the complexity or the size. User experience (UX) is now becoming a major factor in driving businesses and will set benchmarks on how companies design services and products. Hence, engineers will be directing their attention towards UX in 2021 and beyond.

    With these developments in technology, the coming year will witness several innovations and will drive exceptional results. This is true as various software development companies are achieving digital acceleration and are now thinking differently about how modern technology could meet their societal, financial, and customer goals. If you are looking for software development services that can reduce your time-to-market by 2x, then do visit us for a free consultation today!

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