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Transforming Higher Education with Custom Software- A Success Story

Transforming education using custom software solutions.
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Meet Dr. Amanda Jones. She is the newly appointed President of Greenview College, a private liberal arts college located in the heart of the city. Dr. Jones has an extensive background in education, having served as a professor and administrator at various institutions for over 20 years

On her first day at Greenview College, Dr. Jones realized that the institution was facing significant challenges. Enrollment had been declining, and the college was struggling to compete with other institutions in the region. Additionally, the administrative staff was overburdened, spending too much time on manual administrative tasks and not enough time on strategic planning and student engagement.

Dr. Jones knew that the college needed to make significant changes to remain competitive in the education market. After consulting with the faculty and staff, she decided to invest in custom software to streamline administrative tasks and improve student engagement.

The first step was to develop a custom student portal that would allow students to manage their academic records, register for courses, and access resources such as financial aid information and career services. The portal was a game-changer, reducing administrative overhead and improving student satisfaction. Dr. Jones was pleased to see that student engagement improved, and retention rates began to climb

The next step was to integrate the student portal with the college’s learning management system (LMS), allowing faculty to manage course content, assignments, and assessments more efficiently. This integration also enabled students to access course materials and submit assignments through the student portal, further improving engagement and retention.

Dr. Jones also invested in custom software to automate the financial aid process, reducing the time required to process applications, disburse funds, and track disbursements. With the new system, the college was able to process financial aid applications more efficiently, resulting in fewer errors and faster disbursements. This streamlined process saved the college hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in labor costs.

Finally, Dr. Jones invested in a custom fundraising platform that allowed the college to manage donations, track donor trends, and streamline outreach to alumni. The platform proved to be a great success, increasing the number of annual donations by 20%, resulting in a revenue increase of over $1 million annually.

In just a few short years, Greenview College had transformed into a modern, efficient institution, with increased enrollment, improved student engagement, and significant cost savings. Dr. Jones was thrilled with the results and knew that custom software had been the key to the college’s success.

As a leader in custom software solutions for education institutions, Unthinkable Solutions understands the transformative power of technology in education. Our team of expert developers has the experience and expertise to develop custom software solutions that streamline administrative tasks, improve data management, and increase student engagement. By partnering with us, leaders in educational institutions can achieve the same level of success as Greenview College and Dr. Jones. We encourage institutions to consider the benefits of custom software and contact us to learn how we can help transform their institution.



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