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2022 marks the beginning of a new year in this tech-driven era. Technology is now easily available for businesses of any size. Industries have seen the benefits that technology is able to cater to and most businesses have already transformed digitally. From banks to digital parking, from online doctor consultation to workforce management, technology has helped us to streamline workflows and approach customers efficiently. Technology has changed the way people communicate and interact. It has reinforced major business processes and made them efficient.

Businesses today focus on giving the ultimate experience to their customers. They are trying to:

  • Increase the quality
  • Be effective
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce cost and time
  • Improve visibility
  • Simplify their tasks
  • Streamline operations
  • Provide customer satisfaction

Here are a few trends that will aid you in running your business and help it grow with leaps and bounds.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
The first time I ever heard about AI was in the Sci-Fi novel which I used to read as a kid. Today, chatbots are a great example of AI. To date, AI is one of the most rapidly developing technologies and is being adopted by various companies. This has given birth to additional branches to AI including ML (Machine Learning).

For those who don’t know, AI replicates human intelligence. AI is capable of performing various tasks such as image recognition and decision making. AI has proven its worth by completing its tasks efficiently, quickly and accurately, even better than what humans can achieve.

AI is used when there is a dire need for automation in any industry. Some people fear that AI will take their jobs but that is something that is highly debatable. However, the current trends have revealed that using AI has opened a lot of new job opportunities in the AI sector.

ML (Machine Learning)
With the advancements in AI technology, robotic systems nowadays can learn automatically and optimize their performance in accord with the task at hand. ML (machine learning) has various subsets such as NLP (natural language processing), deep learning and neural networks. These technologies enable organizations to deepen business insights across the entire company.

Machine learning solutions can be used in various settings. Its functionality can help businesses in:

  • data analysis
  • data mining
  • pattern recognition, etc.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
Machine learning helps in improved web search results, advertising and network breach detection.

Companies use RPA to improve their complex business processes, for example, streamlining data collection or transaction processing. RPA is usually used when companies want to automate repeated and mundane tasks. RPA can make production effective and much faster.

However, there are some tasks in a business that cannot be fully automated and require human intervention.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is one of the newer technologies and it has made its place in the most wanted list of tech companies. Google Cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure are some of the market leaders in cloud technology. Businesses today opt for cloud solutions over any other hosting alternatives.

Businesses need their data to be stored securely and easily accessible. One of the biggest pros of the cloud is that it gives the ability to secure your data and provides centralized computing. With the cloud, information can be retrieved easily, from any location in the world and any device. Cloud computing improves business dexterity, provider mobility and reduces cost.

IoT (Internet of Things)
IoT now has become universal and has created an ecosystem that is interconnected. IoT is a great tool to convert your house into a smart home and play a big role in security. For example, you can use your phone to lock and unlock your door, turn on the lights, open your garage doors or do all of this at once. The most common is the smartwatches and bands that track health and fitness performance. IoT helps in decision making and boosts efficiency. It also allows you to maintain predictive measures, improve customer experience, enhance medical care, overall, improving the quality of life.

Technology is growing every single day. Innovations are enabling businesses to have a competitive advantage. At Unthinkable we understand the current market and the technology gap. If you are looking to transform your business digitally and enhance its process then book a free consultation call with our experts today.

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