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Mobile BI and it’s increasing demand

Complete guide to mobile business intelligence


The world of business intelligence is changing, and mobile BI apps are driving it. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of mobile BI applications and how to choose the best one for your company.

BI vendors that support mobile devices

There are a variety of BI vendors that support mobile devices, including Tableau and QlikView. When you’re working with these tools, it’s important to note that they each have their own set of features and integrations.

Tableau supports iPad, iPhone, and Android devices; QlikView supports both Apple’s iOS (including iPad) as well as Android tablets and phones. Either one could be used for mobile BI if you have access to an iOS device or an Android phone/tablet.

In order to use any of these products on mobile devices:

Types of mobile BI applications

Mobile BI trends and challenges

Mobile BI is growing rapidly. In fact, it’s expected that mobile BI will be a critical aspect of business intelligence in the future. But what does that mean?

Mobile BI is more than just a mobile app. It’s also about making data more accessible to more people and enabling them to use it in their everyday lives. And while there are many different ways to do this, one of the best ways is through the use of mobile BI technologies like:

Mobile BI and user-generated content

User-generated content is becoming more important to businesses. It’s a great way to understand your customers, but it can be difficult for companies to analyze user-generated content because of its volume, variety, and complexity. Mobile BI helps you analyze this data by providing a platform that allows users with mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) access to analytics tools like dashboards, reports, and charts on demand.

Companies like Apple Inc., General Electric Co., LinkedIn Corp., PepsiCo Inc., and Walmart Inc. are using mobile BI solutions as part of their strategy in order to better understand their customers’ needs through analyzing their social media posts or other forms of user-generated content such as photos or videos they post on social media platforms such as Instagram

Choosing a mobile BI solution for your organization

When choosing a mobile BI solution, it’s important to consider not only the features of your specific needs but also how they can be used. For example:

How to get started with mobile BI

It’s no secret that mobile BI is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2025 over 70% of users will access business information on their smartphones or tablets.

The benefits of mobile BI include:

Mobile business intelligence apps are changing the way companies do business.

Mobile business intelligence is a new way to do business. It’s not just about using your phone to access data, but also how you use that information and how you can use it to make better decisions.

Mobile BI apps allow companies to tap into their data in a more intuitive way than ever before, allowing them access and insight at any time on their mobile devices. In fact, more than 90% of all mobile users check their phones every hour—and these people are likely checking more often than desktop users! This means that companies must be able to provide valuable information in real-time if they want customers’ attention and loyalty; otherwise, they’ll lose out on revenue opportunities or even worse—lose customers altogether!

The future of business lies with mobile BI apps because they allow businesses not only access but also create interactive experiences online through touchscreen interfaces (like Apple Watch) or voice command functionality built directly into certain applications such as Salesforce Chatter or Slack channels (which can also be accessed via web browser).


Business intelligence apps are changing the way companies do business. Whether your company is looking to invest in a mobile BI solution, or simply wants to explore options and see what works best for you, we hope that this article has given you the tools necessary to make an informed decision on how best to use mobile BI technology.

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