A break is not a full stop;
Resume your career with Unthinkable

About the program

#BreakTheBreak is Unthinkable’s initiative to provide a platform to women who took a break from work and are striving to resume their careers. Through this program, we aim at providing opportunities to women to re-integrate themselves professionally. We understand that transitioning back into careers isn’t a sprint, rather it’s a marathon and Unthinkable ensures that it is a smooth transition with its constant guidance on every step of your journey.

This program also gives you a chance to upgrade your skill set and adjust to the contemporary work environment. You will be a part of a culture that reflects continuous learning & development, result-oriented mindset, and innovation.

Unthinkable empowered me & never let me feel helpless with my work & kid.


#BreakTheBreak is a tech re-entry program for talented women who took a break from their work and are willing to restart their careers.

Why should you join Unthinkable?

Work with the future

Work on technologies that are going to be the next trend. Strive to seek innovation in everything you do

Fostering a culture of growth

We believe growth is key, in life and work. We encourage and reward growth, and do our best to provide resources to do so

Work with exciting people

The Unthinkable team is young, bright and raring to learn voraciously, make a difference and inspire each other

Do something you love

We believe the best work happens when you love what you do and we make sure our teams work on projects that are interesting and challenging to them

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