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The client is a renowned capital placement business based in the United Kingdom. With a legacy dating back to the 1990s, they have established themselves as a trusted intermediary, connecting private funds to institutional investors, general partners, and management teams. Their clientele includes high-net-worth individuals, investment firms, pension plans, charities, and corporations. Specializing in private equity, private credit, real estate, and real assets, the client demonstrates their deep understanding of diverse sectors within the private market landscape.

Business situation

Our client, an advisor-strategist, manages a substantial portfolio valued at nearly $10 billion. They specialize in building personalized financial portfolios based on customers’ risk tolerance and preferences. In the asset management realm, accurate and transparent reporting is essential for maintaining integrity. However, the client’s advisors faced challenges in creating standardized reports and invoices across various custodians. Manual preparation of account-level performance reports proved to be a time-consuming and costly process. As a result, keeping customers informed about portfolio performance and providing meaningful insights on investment progress became increasingly burdensome, impacting both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

To address these challenges, our client sought a solution in the form of a mobile app. The objective was to offer customers a sorted and informative view of their portfolio performance. The app would seamlessly integrate with their Salesforce CRM, providing custom reports and real-time updates on investment progress. Additionally, the app aimed to deliver regular investment status updates to customers. The client chose Unthinkable Solution based on our expertise in Salesforce development and extensive knowledge of the fintech domain. In a nutshell, the requirements were to:

  • Conceptualize, design, and develop a mobile application that serves as a centralized and reliable platform for customers to evaluate their portfolio performance.
  • Seamlessly incorporate the mobile solution with Salesforce to create a unified business tool that supports the entire portfolio operation cycle, featuring a customizable interface layout.
  • Implement a role-based access system catering to different user roles, such as management, advisors, associates, and customers, with distinct permissions and data access.
  • Enhance portfolio performance visualization through intuitive data visualization and charts, providing users with actionable insights.

The project initiated with our business analyst and software architects collaborating to outline the optimal architecture for the mobile application. They carefully refined the functional requirements and developed a comprehensive product vision along with a roadmap for its development. Once the strategic plans were finalized, our team mapped the requirements to the technology landscape and recommended suitable technologies such as Ionic, Nodejs, Salesforce App Cloud, MongoDB, and GraphQL for mobile app development.

Our team successfully created a portfolio monitoring app for both Android and iOS platforms, seamlessly translating the valuable insights of portfolio performance from Salesforce CRM into customized reports. To maximize cost efficiency, we employed the Ionic framework, reducing development expenses by up to 40% compared to native apps.

Recognizing the need for regular portfolio updates, the app ensures real-time data refreshment every 30 minutes, ensuring customers stay well-informed. As the app handles sensitive financial information, we implemented stringent security measures. For instance, the app automatically locks after a period of inactivity lasting 5 seconds, and login passwords are reset every 80 days to enhance account protection.

Through meticulous planning, strategic technology selection, and robust security implementation, we were able to deliver a powerful and cost-effective solution for our valued client.

App Features: 

  1. Track Portfolio Performance: Users can view the progress of their portfolio based on different timeframes (week, month, quarter, or overall app activity). The details include fund targets, funds raised since launch, and a list of investors contacted.
  2. Investor Updates: Users can access updates on investors, including their discussion stage, status of requests sent, and timestamps.
  3. Investor Updates on Charts: Visualize investor details through bar charts, providing insights into investor stage and type, investor stage and region, and expected capital by stage.
  4. Portfolio Manager Schedules: Stay organized by checking the activities and meetings scheduled by portfolio managers. The schedules can be viewed in either a list or calendar format.
  5. Offline Support: Even when users are offline, they can access the most recently updated data in the app.
  6. Web Admin Panel: A web admin panel acts as a middleware application, allowing users to manage and customize the entire solution.

Through the new application implementation, the client achieved remarkable efficiency gains. Portfolio managers experienced a 20% productivity boost, enabling them to effectively handle 25% more customers. The app provided clear visibility of portfolio progress, instilling customer confidence and encouraging increased investment. Notably, the client reported an impressive 80% reduction in costs associated with portfolio performance tracking, analytics, and reporting. These results showcase the client’s commitment to enhancing productivity, improving the customer experience, and optimizing operational expenses.

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