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  • Remindermedia

    Cleaning and enrichment
    of data records for
    ReminderMedia with
    99.9% accuracy

    ReminderMedia provides unique client follow-up tools for various industries. With an established foundation in the real estate market and a booming rise in the financial and insurance industries, they have developed the techniques and innovations that allow every industry to take advantage of referrals and repeat business like no other products available.

    The Situation

    ReminderMedia wants to clean and enrich its decayed data records.

    ReminderMedia was struggling to run effective campaigns due to deteriorated data quality. The nature of the data decay was on both, a mechanical level and a logical level which implies that there was missing data due to mechanical errors such as hard disk crashing, etc., as well as logical gradual data loss such as changed contact number or email address, etc. Both situations are a horror for the sales and marketing team. 

    ReminderMedia was looking to partner with a company offering data management services to clean, enrich and update its decayed database. The major challenge was to complete the missing prospect data that was making its database irrelevant. They came across the data management services by Unthinkable Solutions to perform data enrichment and firmographics enrichment for its database.

    The Solution

    The experts at Unthinkable Solutions went through the database of ReminderMedia and sketched out a plan to clean, append and enrich the entire database in just 6 months. 

    Our expert data stewards began the process with data cleaning since data decay was a major issue for the client. All the lost and disparate data due to mechanical and logical data decay was fixed with the help of our data cleaning services. 

    Data enrichment was the next step wherein all the data records were rectified by filling in missing information, checking facts and updating them, and ensuring the accuracy and quality of data while at it. As the project progressed, our data stewards were in regular contact with the client to refine or tweak any rules and provide updates.

    Data security and privacy protocols were firmly followed to ensure there was no scope for any data breaches or compromise.

    As a final step, Firmographics enrichment was performed to enhance the data quality and take it a notch higher. With firmographics, the data was classified and sorted on the basis of company attributes such as performance, revenue, employee size, etc. This aimed to help the client’s sales and marketing teams in planning future campaigns with relevant data records in place.


    Updated, complete and accurate data was a result of the data cleaning and enrichment process that in turn helped the client re-utilize its older data to run fresh campaigns and leverage accurate information to back the efforts of its sales and marketing team.

    Key Highlights

    • Data enrichment services were performed along with Firmographics to clean and enrich the database.
    • Missing data was updated to complete the incomplete prospect records.
    • All the inaccurate and outdated data was updated to ensure data accuracy.
    • The data stewards were able to achieve 99.9% accuracy while working on the client database.

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