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  • Days of Poker

    Transforming an idea of a Poker app into a market-fit product through data-driven software engineering & engagement

    Days of Poker is a non-gambling, open-face Chinese poker app that offers 6 different OFC poker games in 4 different game types and aims to introduce a new concept to the social gaming industry.


    The Situation

    Days of poker app adds a new twist to the conventional game of poker.

    Their creators, who come from a non-tech background, were looking for a technological partner that could grasp their concept and turn it into a fully functional mobile app. In terms of intricacy and scalability, developing an app based on the OFC Pineapple game concept is difficult.

    Team Unthinkable recommended building the app using their in-house library of reusable components after recognizing the project’s needs, complexity, and deadline. Early go-to-market was a significant aspect for the Days of Poker team, hence the use of reusable components was proposed to save development and testing time.

    • Building a Gaming Engine: To ensure that all aspects of the game, i.e. the rules, and special rules like fantasyland are covered, a new gaming engine was developed. This was done in a way that does not hamper the speed of the app.
    • Shuffling Cards: A loophole in shuffling can make the users guess the next card. This increases the probability of a gamer cheating the system and winning. There have been several instances in an industry where the companies had flak from users due to improper shuffling.

    The Solution

    By utilizing our in-house library of reusable components, a native mobile app for Android and iOS platforms was developed. Since the reusable components were tested for their stability and efficiency, it accelerated the app development cycle and immensely reduced the overall time for app testing as well. For example, The Chat and Push Notification components for the app were built in 1/3 of the usual development time.

    Server-side CRUD APIs development was done in 60% of the usual time because of the reusable libraries. The server in this case needed to be stable while there could have been a lot of changes in the user interface. Thus, we picked the reusable modules from our server library to ensure fast yet smooth delivery of work. To keep a check on the app usability when there is load variation, we used in-memory session management with failsafe hardware so that the sessions are not lost and users do not need to wait for a long time on any requests.


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