About client

The client is a well-known merchant services platform that made history in 2020 by becoming India’s first unicorn. Over 350,000 POS terminals across 3,700 cities and towns in India and Malaysia are powered by its cloud-based solutions. The provider’s operating revenues for FY 2022 exceeded $120 million, and its valuation reached $5 billion, with further ambitions to significantly decrease time-to-market for its planned upcoming services and products.

Business situation

For the purposes of lead generation, merchant onboarding, and tracking of POS machine deployment and transactions, the client had a specially created Lead Management System (LMS). Although the LMS assisted in identifying and nurturing prospects, its capacity for growth was very constrained, and it was associated with high costs and resource alignment.


In order to assure quicker, more smooth, and more scalable merchant management procedures, the customer wished to integrate Salesforce CRM with their current LMS system. The client selected Unthinkable as their technology partner after carefully weighing the offerings of various Salesforce service providers. This decision was made possible by our strategic partnership with Salesforce and our quinquennial-long expertise, both of which enable us to offer the best cost-value proposition when compared to other vendors.


Our Salesforce experts identified quite a few problems including tightly coupled code, surface-level validations, a lack of reliable support services, and minimal scalability potential in their existing system. The following changes to the merchant services workflow were therefore planned by merging their current LMS with Salesforce CRM:

  • Simplify the movement of LMS data between all subsystems 
  • Create custom fields according to the kind of merchant 
  • Help newly onboarded merchant-side operators quickly learn the procedures of the new system
  • Provide thorough views of the whole field operations workflow for dispatching the POS hardware
  • Implement stringent authorizations to adequately screen merchants before onboarding
  • Streamline data migration for the billing system and improve the incentive module

The merchant services provider wanted to ensure more efficient, scalable and cost-effective merchant management using Salesforce.


The initial phases of development had been challenging for team Unthinkable because they needed to audit and optimize the existing codebase in order to modernize the entire application. Several UX modifications and performance improvements were carried out as a result.

The first step taken by Unthinkable’s Salesforce integration specialists was to pinpoint the areas where the LMS was lacking in terms of expanding the workflow for onboarding new merchants, POS inventory quality control, audits, process automation, and so on.


-Integrating and Migrating Data Uniformly 

All merchant accounts, contacts, inventory, billing, and orders had to be moved in order to connect the old LMS data to the new Salesforce CRM-powered system. This was effectively implemented, and it was made sure that the data consistency was maintained in subsystems like the Payment Controller, New Billing System (NBS), sales module, Opportunity Pipeline, and service dashboards.


-Secure Onboarding and Validations

For merchant onboarding, the team used an automated process that does away with manual document verification, eradicating any potential for security flaws or human error. The lead is converted to a merchant account following numerous thorough lead-level verifications and escalated approvals. Custom fields are developed for IVR-based information gathering during the setup of the merchant account based on the kind of merchant, such as Retail, Corporate, etc., making the onboarding process secure and automated.


-Support and Tracking of Issues 

The Unthinkable team is still providing L1 and L2 assistance for managing any problems encountered during merchant onboarding, data migration, merchant alignment with business types and stores, machine deployment workflow, and other related processes. In order to facilitate a quicker settlement, all potential issue escalation scenarios are taken into consideration.


-New Billing and Reporting Systems

The New Billing System (NBS) was integrated with Microsoft Navision and there is also the option to include add-on modules for streamlining billing cycle action items. This method is used to handle the NBS’ functions including the generation of unique IDs for individual accounts, store machine dispatch, the transmission of bills, proximity-based assignment of on-field executives for quick delivery, and POS setup.

The effectiveness of reporting on transactions, customer behavior, and service resolutions also makes it possible for the dashboard to display detailed graphical representations. Merchants can keep track of inventory and align top-performing dispatch and installation executives thanks to a graphical representation of these resources.


-Incentive System

Salesforce Channel Incentive Management helps oversees the financial and behavioral incentivization of sales professionals. The distinction between internal and extrinsic incentives is precise. The incentives environment was specifically created to inspire sales representatives and improve merchant partner attainment, overall sales performance, and the bottom line of the company.


-Structured Process Modules

For Sales, Sales Leadership, Opportunity Management, Issue Tracking, and On-Field processes, Salesforce has helped create clearly distinguishable modules or sub-applications. Each team is responsible for different parts of the lead journey, the approval process, and the machine dispatch. These teams work on different dedicated modules that are built specifically to streamline each function. The integration of value-added services like EMI, UPI, and third-party payment platforms has also been simplified.


-Error Handling and SOPs

All of the processes involved are distilled into clear and comprehensive SOPs to make it easier for new merchant representatives to get to know their newly connected CRM. Thus, knowledge transfer to merchant organizations is quick and easy. In addition, the extensive assistance provided by our team enables prompt error correction and appropriate management of any issue escalation.


The merchant services provider was able to quickly make the changeover to the new Salesforce CRM-integrated system. The provider has expressed its gratitude for Unthinkable’s quick turnaround times, improved service categorization, and unrivaled attention to detail. Additional enhancements are still in the works, including greater query word limits and more detailed error handling.

“Now we’ll be able to offer merchants a solution that has integrated all kinds of payment solutions in the market. We had been running on stealth mode processing payments worth $150-$200 million monthly with over 250 merchant partners including Chroma, Cred, and Reliance Digital,” 

CEO – During an interview with the Economic Times

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