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Our client, a leading European coffee chain, has been serving coffee and food enthusiasts since the late 90s. With cafes in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and more, they offer a wide range of coffee, cold drinks, hot beverages, and delectable handmade pastries. Their commitment to using the finest Swedish ingredients ensures a delightful culinary experience for customers, whether in-store or through nationwide delivery.

Business situation

As a highly reputed cafe chain with a massive customer base, the client faced challenges in managing their operations effectively. The reliance on handwritten sticky notes for order management led to slow and error-prone processes, resulting in incorrect deliveries and missed opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

To overcome these obstacles, the client sought a technology partner to transform their business processes and digitize the customer journey. They envisioned an application that would enable them to store customer information, manage product details, generate invoices, track order history, collect customer feedback, and resolve any order-related issues.

The primary goal was to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and retention while gaining valuable insights into customer preferences. Furthermore, the client aimed to streamline inventory management, order processing, billing, invoicing, and the tracking of customer feedback.

With a strong focus on customer-centricity, Unthinkable emerged as the ideal technology partner for the client. Leveraging our expertise in product engineering and CRM development, we proposed a solution that would replace manual paperwork with a smart CRM application. Our development objectives encompassed the following:

  1. Build a smart CRM application: Our objective was to develop a highly intelligent CRM application capable of storing critical customer information, such as names, ages, birthdays, contact details, and postal addresses. Furthermore, it would efficiently manage order-related data, including order numbers, product details, quantities, order tracking statuses, and the method of order placement (phone or in-person).
  2. Automation of repetitive tasks: We aimed to automate various mundane tasks to enhance productivity. This involved implementing automated processes for generating invoice numbers, dates, total amounts, discounted prices, and capturing customer details for each order. Additionally, integrating feedback information, such as order-specific feedback, taste ratings, hygiene ratings, and overall experience descriptions, would streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.
  3. Development of a cloud-based application: Our focus was on designing a robust cloud-based application, enabling the client to access cafe data and records effortlessly, anytime, and from anywhere. This solution would empower the client to effectively track contacts, seize new opportunities, and efficiently manage their team, ultimately driving increased sales and fostering streamlined operations.

By adhering to these objectives, we ensured the creation of a dynamic CRM solution that significantly improved the client’s operations, providing them with the tools they needed to thrive in the competitive market.


The project commenced with our business analytics and software architects strategically designing the architecture for a cutting-edge CRM application. Our team diligently refined the functional requirements, established a comprehensive product vision, and devised a development roadmap. Adhering to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Unthinkable ensured the client’s data protection and privacy compliance. With mutual agreement on the strategic plan, our experts seamlessly mapped the requirements onto the technology landscape.

To streamline internal operations, we harnessed the power of Salesforce, a cloud computing and software distribution model that offers online accessibility. Unlike traditional CRM solutions hosted on private servers, Salesforce delivered an affordable, efficient, and user-friendly platform that drastically reduced development time. By centralizing all cafe data, our custom CRM application facilitated effortless tracking of customer life cycles. Store managers gained access to comprehensive sales and customer management tools, empowering them to efficiently handle customer records, inventory management, order processing, billing, invoicing, and feedback tracking.

Our CRM application intelligently automated repetitive tasks, ensuring seamless operations. It sent custom email notifications to store managers whenever a new customer was added, an order was placed, or an order was delivered. Customers received personalized feedback links upon order delivery, reducing workload, enhancing efficiency, and minimizing errors. Leveraging process builders and workflows, we enhanced the application by incorporating features such as automated birthday emails offering special discounts and order-ready notifications.

The scalability of our application perfectly aligned with the cafe’s growth trajectory. Integration with social media platforms allowed seamless sharing of offers and discounts for branding and promotional purposes. Moreover, automatic application and infrastructure upgrades relieved the client of technological management burdens, granting them valuable time to focus on innovation and business growth.

Through our diligent efforts, Unthinkable delivered a state-of-the-art CRM solution that not only streamlined operations but also empowered the client to enhance customer satisfaction, drive business growth, and stay ahead in the competitive market.


Unthinkable efficiently implemented the CRM application, enabling the client to handle over 1 million orders daily. The streamlined processes resulted in a remarkable 67% increase in efficiency. Leveraging the application’s capabilities, the cafe seamlessly sent personalized birthday emails, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and expediting order management. Customers enjoyed real-time updates throughout their order journey, fostering trust and satisfaction. The application’s robust feedback system provided invaluable insights for continuous enhancement. Unthinkable’s expertise propelled the client to extraordinary achievements, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

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