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MayaMD is a cutting-edge telehealth solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to improve the way doctors and patients communicate and collaborate. With a range of innovative tools and features, MayaMD is transforming healthcare by offering digital care assistants, a telemedicine platform, clinician decision-supporting tools, and remote patient monitoring. By providing a seamless and personalized healthcare experience, MayaMD is helping to revolutionize the way healthcare is approached in the modern world.

Business situation

According to a study conducted in the healthcare industry, hospitals that provide superior customer experience to their patients have been found to achieve 50% higher margins compared to those that don’t. Additionally, engaged patients have been shown to cost 25% less than disengaged ones. This is a mutually beneficial outcome for both patients and providers, as patient engagement leads to better health outcomes and cost savings for all stakeholders involved in the care cycle.

MayaMD developed a mobile application for symptom tracking that utilizes proprietary AI technology. This application serves as a core component of MayaMD’s suite of healthcare solutions, which are focused on improving chronic disease management (CDM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM). By leveraging its AI-powered platform, MayaMD aims to provide patients with better insights into their health and enable more proactive and personalized care.

As part of its care initiative, the MayaMD team sought to create a telehealth consultation platform that enables seamless communication between patients and physicians. This two-way communication platform allows for virtual consultations to be scheduled and conducted at a time that is convenient for both parties. With this technology, MayaMD aims to facilitate easier access to healthcare services for patients, while providing physicians with a more efficient and flexible way to manage their schedules and interact with their patients.

In order to create a mobile application from the ground up, MayaMD sought out a technology partner with a proven track record in developing scalable, AI-powered healthcare solutions, as well as extensive experience in healthcare application development services. With the goal of building a versatile and user-friendly platform, MayaMD carefully evaluated potential partners to find one that could bring the necessary technical expertise and customer-centric approach to the project.

After careful evaluation of potential technology partners, MayaMD ultimately selected Unthinkable to develop its virtual consultation application. Unthinkable was chosen based on its expertise in building robust healthcare solutions, including hospital management, patient engagement, virtual consultation, electronic health record management, and emergency medical services. With a proven track record in delivering high-quality software solutions and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Unthinkable was well-suited to help MayaMD bring its innovative healthcare platform to life. 

For building a virtual consultation platform for MayaMD, team Unthinkable was expected to deliver the following: 

  • Integrate AI-powered symptoms tracker software for patients to examine their health issues and get recommendations for treatment.
  • A telehealth solution for appointment booking, video calls with doctors, viewing upcoming appointments, adding recommendations, assigning lab tests, etc. The platform should be accessible to both doctors and patients with separate user logins.
  • A secure, HIPAA-compliant conversational interface to protect patient health information.
  • Integration with third-party health monitoring tools to manage chronic diseases.
  • A web-based admin panel for stakeholders to manage users, services, ROI, and other relevant data.

To build an innovative healthcare platform for MayaMD, Unthinkable utilized its core expertise, i.e. its vertical and horizontal Center of Excellence (CoE). For this telehealth solution that focuses on remote patient monitoring and chronic care management, the following CoEs were involved to ensure that a scalable, customer-centric, and secure solution is planned and implemented:

Healthcare CoE

The specialized team works to create innovative solutions that improve the quality of care and patient outcomes, streamline operations, and reduce costs. The CoE aims to offer its expertise to improve areas such as technology, security & compliance, interoperability, and value-driven care to meet the specific needs & requirements of healthcare organizations. 

Architecture CoE

The architecture CoE defined a reference architecture for the MayaMD solution that provides a blueprint for how the various components of the telehealth system would be structured and integrated. The application architecture ensured that a scalable, maintainable solution is developed that’s aligned with the futuristic goals of the healthcare business. 

Design CoE

For the telehealth solution, the design CoE created a Ui/UX focused on usability, accessibility, and visibility. Using the design thinking approach as the base, the team ensured that the solution design maps the needs, preferences, and behaviors of the end users. 

Technology CoE

The technology CoE, after analyzing the product requirements, figured out the most updated technologies for building the solution. Keeping scalability, cross-platform app development for maintenance ease, and faster time to market, a relevant set of technologies (such as React, GCP, and Unthinkable’s framework) were chosen to lay down the basis for development. 

The mobile app was integrated with an AI-powered symptoms tracker that allows the patients and the physicians to analyze the health problem, based on selected symptoms. Moreover, the video consultation platform was integrated with a third-party vitals tracker. Coordinating with the devices, the application records vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, weight, and SPO2 for the physicians to refer them for chronic disease management. 

With expert inputs received from all the CoE, team Unthinkable developed a telehealth mobile app that would streamline chronic disease management and remote patient monitoring for healthcare organizations.

Virtual consultation platform 

The telehealth mobile app enables patients and physicians to connect for a virtual consultation. This system for teleconsultation was integrated with Maya MD’s proprietary symptoms tracker that would allow patients to analyze their health problems, connect with care assistants, and have a recovery plan (which includes medication, education, lifestyle intervention, vitals tracking, etc.).  

Remote patient monitoring

The video consultation platform was integrated with a third-party vitals tracker. Coordinating with the devices, the application records vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, weight, and SPO2 for the physicians to refer them for chronic disease management.

Also, to help healthcare organizations improve their value-based care and reduce readmissions, the app is integrated with a set of activities and materials complying with the re-engineered discharge (RED). RED consists of a set of mutually reinforcing actions that the hospital undertakes during and after the hospital stay to ensure a smooth and effective transition at discharge. The remote patient monitoring system played an influencing role in implementing RED for healthcare organizations. 

Web & Mobile App for Physicians

The mobile app for physicians performs a symptoms check on the patient’s behalf using the MayaMD AI engine. The physicians can view a list of all the patients assigned to them, can monitor their vitals, review notes from the symptom checker, initiate video calls, manage booked appointments, review patients’ care plans  etc. For convenience, these functionalities have been replicated on a web portal as well. 

Mobile App for Patients

The mobile app for patients provides an option to request an appointment, adhere to medication, request medicine refills, set reminders & to-do tasks, etc. 

Admin Web Portal

The admin portal is a role-based solution that allows the permit holders, i.e. admin, super admin, medical assistants, etc. to manage their roles accordingly. For example, the admin for a healthcare organization would manage physicians, and their schedules, create new accounts, manage appointments, revenue, download billing & compliance reports etc. 


MayaMD has leveraged advanced technology to create a revolutionary predictive, personalized, and preventive care platform by modernizing its symptom tracker mobile app. The comprehensive suite of digital solutions offered by MayaMD streamlines patient journeys, facilitates clinical decision-making and enhances patient satisfaction.

The AI-based telehealth solution has been highly praised in the industry for its exceptional performance. With a coverage of over 10,000 symptoms and conditions, it has successfully reduced readmissions by 20% and demonstrated an impressive 94% triage accuracy rate.

Recently, a study conducted by renowned medical faculty and researchers from leading universities demonstrated that MayaMD’s patient triage accuracy rates were 94-97%, outperforming ER physicians who scored 86-88%, and ER PAs who scored 65%.

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