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  • How Can Businesses Use AI for Customer Success

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most aggressively used technologies in the field of customer success. Here are some ways AI can be used for customer success.

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  • Customer Journey Orchestration Services

    Traditional Customer Journey Orchestration is a One Way Street

    Traditionally, product owners create user journeys based on common insights and plan experiences for the most likely scenarios. They lack the real user-data which could approve or disapprove their assumptions. Eventually, this leads to low user engagement rates and app dropouts.

    Unthinkable helps you leverage the power of user-data which can help you learn, understands and orchestrate customer conversations and journeys across all interaction points. This helps you create a personalized experience for each customer with a unique, evolving brand experience.

    Customer Journey Orchestration Services
    Customer Experience Strategy

    Build robust machinery to manage, strategize, and measure all aspects of the customer journey and experience across your software product.

    User Engagement Services

    Meaningfully engage your users at every point in their customer experience journey to build brand loyalty and stickiness.

    We Help You

    Anticipate individual user needs

    Leverage marketing leading tools to get real-time insights into individual customer behavior and configure and use any event to trigger an individual journey.

    Personalize engagement across channels

    Connect real-time information about customer behavior and preferences from behavioral data to trigger customized interactions across different marketing channels.

    Orchestrate data-driven user journey

    Visually create and map individual, event-driven journeys across all systems and deliver individual experiences at every stage in the journey.

    Analyze and pivot your product

    Track detailed performance of executed journeys and make data-backed decisions for enhancing product features or redefining user journeys.

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    Data-Driven User Engagement Tools


    Understand, segment, and engage users in real-time using automated, scalable, and secure AI/ML tools


    Analyze user behavior and offer them customized communication across their user journey, reducing the friction at touchpoints.


    Easily build, deliver and manage applications on the cloud with exciting features and plugins provided by Google.


    Measure and optimize your user acquisition funnel via real-time data while protecting their privacy. Deliver personalized user experience across different channels, platforms & devices.

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    Over the last few years, we have utilized our data-driven software engineering services to develop 100+ web and mobile for organizations of varied sizes and domains.