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  • Data-Driven Software Engineering Services

    Beyond Conventional Software Engineering

    Delivering a product that makes the user happy is an ongoing challenge in software development. The most effective approach to solving this problem is data. Data-driven development ensures that the user is a part of the development process from the beginning as opposed to just being a receiver of the finished product. Prototyping, acceptance testing, A/B testing, and other such strategies aid in the development of software products that are user-centric and usability-focused.

    Working as a technology partner to 100+ organizations across the globe enabled us to catalyze the data-driven approach. Our user-driven software development approach enables our clients to leverage the power and utility of data to go beyond the traditional software development methodologies and take user action and feedback into account while building their software products.

    Future-Ready Software Engineering Services
    Product Discovery

    Our expert business analysts define your project requirements and conduct market research to create ideal user personas to get a better idea of the potential target group. These user personas are then segmented to create a first-level blueprint for the product design.

    UI/UX Design

    The UI/UX team then designs a prototype incorporating only the core features (MVP) along with the specific functionalities gathered during the product discovery stage. This step is crucial as all the insights-driven for each user segment are utilized in this design prototype.

    Software Development

    Once the product design team creates a prototype design, the development process begins. The development team then creates custom frontend and backend components to build an MVP that can be used as a working user testing prototype.

    Software Testing

    Our skilled test architects and engineers conduct both manual and automated QA tests including software product usability tests, functional tests, performance tests, compatibility tests, compliance tests, security tests, test automation, and more.

    Support & Maintenance

    We offer preventive and proactive maintenance and support services to ensure holistic IT infrastructure support. We perform thorough remote product performance analytics, 24/7 functional & technical IT support, and ensure policy compliance.

    Software Reengineering

    Draw qualitative user insights that help the product design team utilize the user analytics and feedback to make design iterations accordingly. This process results in a polished final product that is as user-centric and usability-focused as possible.

    Leverage Data-Driven Innovation

    Involve the user from the first step of product development.

    Contrary to the traditional software engineering practices, we involve the user throughout the development process to derive key user feedback and analytics.

    Place a great focus on user-analytics instead of guesswork.

    Design iterations are made as per user analytics to ensure that the end product aligns seamlessly with user expectations.

    Proactive Versus Reactive Approach.

    Analyze what lies in the future with a forward thinking approach. Formulate potential solutions to fix the bottlenecks before they become significant challenges.

    Ensure your software product is ahead of the curve.

    Vital data derives comparative trends that help in comprehending the bigger picture and build a product that is as per the market and user.

    High power of personalization.

    User persona segmentation allows our developers to build specific functionalities for specific user groups. The key analytics around different user needs helps deliver personalized user experience.

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