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  • Data-Driven User Engagement Services

    Meaningfully Engage Users With the Power of Data

    Did you know 71% of app user churn within the first 90 days of downloading an app and the global user retention rate is only 32%?

    Steer meaningful user engagement using data driven insights by segmenting your audience, designing personalized workflows throughout the customer journey. Analyze data to get improved opportunities to understand customer behavior and improve buyer’s journey for enhanced business decisions.

    Our Data-Driven User Engagement Services
    User Journey Orchestration

    Create a long lasting user journey based on user behavior and deliver personalized omnichannel campaigns & messaging.

    App Analytics

    Gather and analyze meaningful insights about application usage, performance metrics etc to deliver better customer experience across all lifecycle stages.

    Lifecycle Optimization

    Experiment with different campaigns, understand your users and move them from one lifecycle stage to the next to drive growth.

    We Help You

    Understand Customer Life Cycle

    We integrate data across user lifecycle to identify patterns and accelerate beneficial outcomes to analyze user behavior across touchpoints.

    Build an Integrated Analytical Environment

    Integrate analytical infrastructure with your products and services to gather actionable insights and drive differentiated user experience.

    Drive Comprehensive Change

    To provide exceptional customer experience, businesses need to adopt automation, process modernization and build the right capabilities to operationalize your customer engagement strategy.

    Pivot Your Product Based on User Data

    Our team of experts gather real-time user data and pivot your product based on those insights. The objective is to analyze data, find opportunity and grow your business with data-driven insights while providing seamless user experience.

    Segment Users

    Classify users into real-time segments to ease your audience targeting. Get detailed insights into your users’ groups and interpret their activities to drive beneficial life cycle outcomes and increased revenue.

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    Data-Driven User Engagement Tools


    Understand, segment and engage users in real time using automated, scalable and secure AI/ML tools.


    Analyze user behavior and offer them customized communication across their user journey, reducing the friction at touchpoints.


    Easily build, deliver and manage applications on the cloud with exciting features and plugins provided by Google.


    Measure and optimize your user acquisition funnel via real time data while protecting their privacy. Deliver personalized user experience across different channels, platforms & devices.

    Data-Driven User Engagement Across Their User Journey

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    Over the last few years, we have utilized our data-driven software engineering services to develop 100+ web and mobile for organizations of varied sizes and domains.