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Maturity assessment

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of existing DevOps practices and improve them. Our DevOps consulting services include assessment of culture, tools, technologies, workflows, and metrics at the organizational level and suggest improvements.

Roadmap planning

Strategize & implement best DevOps practices to streamline the CI/CD pipeline, reduce risks, and accelerate deployments. Our professionals create a roadmap to build, optimize, and manage DevOps practices.

Toolchain selection

Identify the right set of tools for implementing DevOps services. Shortlist, compare and integrate the tools to level up the existing DevOps practices and operations journey.

Wellness checks

Our DevOps consulting workshops include 360-degree health checks of the existing infrastructure: cloud services, CI/CD pipeline, security, etc. to define the areas of improvement.

Execution plan

A comprehensive plan to execute best DevOps practices, team structure, the scope of work, etc. is prepared by the DevOps consulting team.

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