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Real-time inventory tracking

Develop customized inventory tracking solutions based on the unique requirements of your digital commerce business.

Get real-time data updates on your inventory levels, stock movement, and procurement etc. to make informed decisions about restocking and managing your inventory.

Barcode scanning serial number (or batch) tracking

Integrate your system with barcode scanning technology, allowing you to quickly and accurately track your inventory. Track products via serial number or batch to gain visibility across a product’s entire lifetime, from the manufacturer all the way through to shipping and delivery.

Real-time inventory value tracking

Design a live view of inventory value, historical inventory turnover data, and the ability to track additional variable costs like courier fees or spoilage. Get the power to accurately monitor your company’s complex finances – find money pits, or opportunities to invest and grow.

Automated Order Processing

Automate processing new orders, sending out order confirmation emails to customers, and notifying your team to begin processing the order ensuring that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently.

Product information management

Get Product Information Management (PIM) system to easily manage your product catalog, including product descriptions, pricing, and images. Ensure that your product information is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across all sales channels. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined product information management.

Warehouse management

Manage your warehouse operations, from receiving and put away to picking, packing, and shipping. Optimise your inventory levels, reduce errors, and improve order fulfilment times.

Reporting and analytics

Get detailed reporting and analytics, allowing you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, inventory turnover, and order fulfilment time. Identify trends, optimise your operations, and make data-driven decisions to grow your business. 

Integration with other systems

Integrate seamlessly with other digital commerce systems such as your online store, accounting software, and shipping carriers, providing a centralised hub for all your business operations. Eliminate manual data entry and streamline your workflows, saving you time and reducing errors. Eliminate siloed systems and get to integrated digital commerce operations.

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