According to Deloitte Tech Trends 2020, “There’s growing interest among enterprises in looking beyond what’s new to what’s next, and no wonder—an understanding of what’s coming may inform early planning and enable relationships that could make reaping future rewards possible. Leading organizations have disciplined, measured innovation programs that align innovation with business strategy and a long-term technology landscape.”


Software products and their prowess are indubitable. In the past decade or so we have seen an exponential rise in technologies and software that are now part of every big business. Not only business but human life is continually influenced by software solutions and technology. In this eBook, we talked about Al, IoT, Blockchain, and many technologies and strategies that are infusing software interaction to the extent that we do not miss human interactions and needs. Software solutions are able to provide us with the next level of gratification.


With each passing day, and with each passing hour, some of the greatest obscure minds in the world are building technologies to make human life easy. From simple web hosting to software disrupting human life in a magnanimous way, technology is going places and we are seated comfortably in the back seat. In this ebook, we explore the recent trends in software product development across industries, help startup founders evaluate strategic decisions of build vs buy or partner to launch the MVP, and have curated a list of some of the startups who are disrupting the market with their innovative offerings as well as the speed of execution