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  • How Can Businesses Use AI for Customer Success

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most aggressively used technologies in the field of customer success. Here are some ways AI can be used for customer success.

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  • AI Development Services

    Building comprehensive & intuitive AI solutions

    Enable your solution to anticipate user behaviour and provide intelligent recommendations for smarter and faster decision making with AI development services. Eliminate human errors and boost profits with our intelligent AI-driven solutions. Bring speed, precision, and efficiency to your software products and solve complex problems. Our data-driven development approach combined with Artificial Intelligence leverages innovation and a strong data foundation to deliver sustainable growth.

    Future-Ready AI Development Services
    AI & Business Intelligence

    Use predictive analytics tools to build business intelligence (BI) software solutions from scratch with our AI development services. Uncover hidden trends from your business data and derive actionable insights in real time.

    Natural Language Processing

    Leverage NLP and NLU to program your solution to understand and manipulate human language. Analyze search queries, mined web data, business data, audio sources, etc. to explore emerging trends, draw operational insights, and execute predictive analytics.

    Conversational AI & Chatbot

    Engineer smart and scalable chatbot solutions to empower your customer support and personalize user interactions. Integrate third-party chatbot APIs into your solution to provide human-like experiences.

    Machine Learning (ML)

    Build cognitive technology frameworks to interpret complex data, detect trends, identify similar patterns and make your business operations future-ready. Experience data-based decision-making, risk mitigation, and performance monitoring through ML integrations.

    Computer Vision

    Integrate computer vision and enable object recognition and image classification capabilities with Amazon Rekognition and Deep Learning-based Visual Search. Build computer vision products with optical character recognition, object classification, facial recognition, biometric authentication and detection, etc.

    Alexa Skill Development

    Develop custom applications using Alexa Skills Kit which provides self-service APIs, Skill Components and other tools to make Alexa smarter and enhance user experience. Seamlessly connect Alexa with devices such as Fire TV, Amazon Echo family and other IoT devices.

    Department-Specific AI Development

    AI for Human Resources
    • Candidate outreach
    • CV filtering
    • Recruitment & candidate
    • AI-based coaching tools
    • Culture maintenance & HR
    AI for Finance
    • Secure transactions
    • Automated finance operations
    • Investment predictions & risk
    • AI-based contingency planning
    • Fraud detection
    • Cyber security solutions
    • Claim management
    AI for eCommerce
    • Gamification
    • AR-based virtual shopping
    • Big data
    • eCommerce development
    • Logistics optimization
    • Sales forecasting
    AI for Sales
    • Sales forecasting
    • Sales automation
    • Lead scoring & prioritization
    • Expert recommendations
    AI for Marketing
    • Intelligent advertising design
    • Image Recognition
    • Try-before-you-buy with AR
    • AI-driven SEO research
    • Intelligent website audits
    AI for Research & Development
    • Intelligent infrastructure monitoring
    • Collect & process large amounts of information
    • Knowledge management
    • Technical and medical diagnostic systems
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    AI Integrations

    Machine Learning & AI API
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    Chatbot Software API
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    Facial Recognition API
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    AI Software Development Stack

    DL Frameworks
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    Modules / Toolkits
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    Supervised/unsupervised learning Few-shot learning Clustering (density-based, Hierarchical, partitioning) Metric learning

    Neural Networks
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