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  • DevOps Services

    Accelerate your time-to-market & improve business efficiency

    DevOps Services enable you to automate your SDLC to accelerate your time-to-market while lowering operational cost. We incorporate best industry practices such as, shifting left with CI/CD, automation, GitOps, containerization, DevSecOps, AI/ML, and AI Ops, monitoring, observability, and continuous feedback as a part of our DevOps Services.

    Our Future-Ready DevOps Services
    DevOps as A Service

    Experience faster delivery, improved software quality, and reduced costs with our DevOps services. Our DevOps services include:

    • DevOps Maturity Assessment & Audit
    • DevOps Roadmapping & Strategy
    • DevOps Strategy Implementation
    • Site Relaibilty Engineering (SRE)
    • DevOps Support & Maintenance

    Enable the DevOps orchestration platform to create your whole DevOps workflow, which is critical for optimizing the development process, testing, and deploying pipelines. Our ContainerOps services include:

    • Kubernetes Managed Services
    • Container Orchestration
    • Container Management
    • Container Security Evaluation

    Improve the scalability of your IT infrastructure, minimize the cost and create a flexible IT ecosystem by bringing together your current IT infrastructure with the cloud. Our CloudOps services include:

    • Cloud Architecture Design
    • Cloud Readiness Assessment
    • Cloud Migration
    • Managed Cloud Services
    • Cloud Consulting
    Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)

    Lower the cost and time to evolve an agile infrastructure, reduce the risk in code alteration, reduce the time to fault resolution, provide quality assurance, and facilitate efficient deployment through IaC implementation along with:

    • Infrastructure Automation (Terraform)
    • Infrastructure as Code Implementation in a Cloud
    • Infrastructure as Code Implementation On-Premise

    Ensure that your cloud solution is secure, as well as GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Our DevSecOps services include:

    • Policy as a Code
    • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
    • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
    • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
    • Cloud Compliance Monitoring
    • Infrastructure & Container Scanning
    • Using RASP, Alert Logic, and Halo for Security Monitoring
    DevOps Consulting

    Draw actionable insights by analyzing your business goals and perform an IT environment audit to evaluate the reasonability of DevOps implementation with our DevOps consulting services. We help formulate:

    • DevOps Implementation Model
    • Custom KPIs suitable for your business project
    • Cost estimation for the DevOps implementation mode

    Our DevOps Services Help You

    Accelerate Product Time to Market
    Integrate Security from the Beginning
    Measure DevOps ROI Efficiently
    Quickly Respond to Market Changes
    Decrease Overall Project Operational Costs
    Improve Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR)
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    Industry-Validated DevOps Approach

    Rigorous Assessment & Planning
    • Perform As-Is Analysis
    • Create a Roadmap
    • Build DevOps Culture
    IaC for Automated Infrastructure
    • Automate Infrastructure with IaC
    • Configure Testing, Staging & Production Environments
    • Control all the environments with automation
    Continuous Integration (CI)
    • Integrate code in a single repository
    • Perform real-time test runs & automated builds
    • Ensure early bug fixing to avoid redundancy
    Continuous Deployment (CD)
    • Deploy complex applications to specific infrastructure environments
    • Run changes throughout the CI/CD pipeline
    • Deploy bug-free builds to the production environments
    • Ensure that software is always updated and release-ready
    Stronger Security
    • Integrate strong security practices from the beginning
    • Perform automated security tests and set up compliance processes
    Continuous Deployment (CD)
    • Execute accurate resource planning & auditing
    • Create a strategy for resource scaling as per business & stakeholders
    • Align the resource requirements with our client needs

    Frameworks & Tools for DevOps Services

    Planning tools
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    Version Control tools
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    Container Management tools
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    Application Performance Monitoring tools
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    Configuration Management Tools
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    CI / Deployment Automation Tools
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    Test Automation Tools
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    Artifact Management Tools

    Codeless Test Automation Tools
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