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Patient registration

Create a system to save demographic & registration information about the patient such as name, ID, contact detail, insurance, health issues, previous medication, etc. 

Clinical documentation

Maintain a patient’s care journey record by tracking their medical history, diagnosis, treatment plans, medications, and other clinical information. 

Lab & imaging details

Make communication between patients, physicians, and the facility seamless with an online repository for lab tests, imaging studies, and other diagnostic tests. 

Clinical decision support

Help physicians make informed decisions for patients with a clinical support system that has documentation templates, condition-specific order sets, alerts & reminders to patients, etc. 

Patient portal

Enable patients to access their health information, communicate with care providers, schedule appointments, and manage their own health through simplified patient portals. 


Create a health data exchange system to share PHI across different healthcare providers and systems, making way for coordinated care and improved patient outcomes. 

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