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Remote consultation

Enable patients and physicians to connect in real-time with remote consultation. Get video conferencing in your telemedicine solution with extended options like video recording, sharing screens & documents, treatment instructions, etc.

Remote monitoring

Integrate telemedicine platforms with remote monitoring devices (such as blood pressure or glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, etc.) to track patients’ vital signs and health conditions. 

Security compliance

Ensure the privacy and security of patient information with a secure communication platform powered by regulatory compliance such as HIPPA, HL7, ePHI, etc. 

Modern technology

Incorporate AI and machine learning algorithms in telemedicine solutions to assist physicians with diagnosis, treatment, and personalized care recommendations.

Seamless integrations

Integrate telemedicine platforms with EMR and PMS solutions such as Quickbooks, Kronos, ADP, etc. to streamline interaction with patients and other healthcare stakeholders. 

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