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Identification of various fields and hierarchies under the organizations.

Segmentation of datasets to avoid equivalent hierarchies falling under the same parent company getting removed for duplication.

How it can help you

Hierarchy management helps you ensure that the data in your CRM is well-structured and the prospective organisations are well-mapped. It also avoids data wastage by defining the data under hierarchies that could have been misidentified as a duplicate.

Clients Speak

Head, Data Strategy and Operations, Sales Operations

Leading cloud communication platform

We are very happy with the work from the Unthinkable team. We used multiple data vendors in the past but Unthinkable was the only one that was able to fill the gap which no vendor was able to fulfill in terms of match rate, bad matches and stale data.

Technology Director


Things have been going very well. The teams demonstrate a genuine investment in the success of our projects. Whenever we give them feedback, they’re very receptive to it.

Client Stories

Helping a leading cloud communication platform clean its customer data for global customer base and enrich firmographics information for better segmentation

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Helping ReminderMedia with data cleaning and data enrichment to fix its outdated, incomplete and inaccurate data

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Firmographics segmentation is the classification of business-to-business customers based on shared company or organization attributes. This practice can help guide marketing, advertising, and sales by providing deeper business insights and ultimately lead to more focused and effective campaign strategies.

Our processes help our clients ensure that their database is updated at all times and the data records are complete and accurate with impeccable data quality. This data can then be used by their sales team for prospecting by running marketing out outreach campaigns.

This service is relevant for you if you have a prospect database or are building one to use for getting more business opportunities. Our data management services ensure that our clients can utilize their data's highest potential by maintaining the quality of their data records and avoiding data decay. Our data management services are scalable and meant to fit every goal and budget.

Yes! Your data is secure as we follow firm data security and privacy protocols. We provide the option of using client systems and servers with the help of a VPN which allows our data stewards to work on the data without it leaving the client's company ecosystem.

Our data management services help our clients clean, sort, enrich, and validate the data that is present in their CRM. Our services such as Firmographics enrichment and Duplicate management helps the client ensure that the data in their CRM is also up to date and ready to use by their sales and marketing team for fresh campaigns.

Data cleansing is checking data for errors and correcting them for accuracy whereas enrichment is adding more relevant facts to the cleansed information for better results.

Data enrichment is not a one-time process. It needs to be performed again and again as the customers keep on changing. The process of data enrichment involves several steps to be followed to achieve the desired results.

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