Our solution

Cleaning, sorting, and enrichment of industry-wise segmented data.

Identification and creation of various relevant sub-industry fields.

Mapping of clean industry data under these sub-sets.

How it can help you

Industry enrichment help your sales and marketing teams design campaigns with highly detailed and segmented insights about organizations, which will help the teams with specific or niche targeting, thereby making it easier to close prospects.

Clients Speak


Head, Data Strategy and Operations, Sales Operations

Leading cloud communication platform

We are very happy with the work from the Unthinkable team. We used multiple data vendors in the past but Unthinkable was the only one that was able to fill the gap which no vendor was able to fulfill in terms of match rate, bad matches and stale data.


Technology Director


Things have been going very well. The teams demonstrate a genuine investment in the success of our projects. Whenever we give them feedback, they’re very receptive to it.

Client Stories

Helping a leading cloud communication platform clean its customer data for global customer base and enrich firmographics information for better segmentation

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Helping ReminderMedia with data cleaning and data enrichment to fix its outdated, incomplete and inaccurate data

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