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Voice-enabled virtual assistants

Develop and integrate voice assistants for your websites, mobile apps, or smart devices. Use advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand and respond to voice commands, enabling your customers to interact with your brand in a more intuitive and natural way.

Speech-to-text transcription

Convert speech to text using advanced algorithms and NLP technologies. Ensure accurate and efficient conversion of audio or video recordings into text, allowing you to easily analyze and derive insights from the content.

Text-to-speech synthesis

Generate human-like speech using text-to-speech technology that converts written text into spoken words. Ensure clear and natural-sounding voice output that enables you to create engaging audio content for your brand.

Voice authentication and verification

Develop voice biometrics systems to authenticate users based on their unique voiceprints. Enhance security and provide a seamless user experience, reducing the need for traditional password-based authentication.

Speaker identification

Use voice recognition to identify individual speakers within audio or video recordings. Provide valuable insights for call centre analytics, market research, and other applications.

Speech analytics

Analyze and extract valuable insights from audio recordings of customer interactions or other types of conversations. Understand customer sentiment, identify trends, and optimise customer experience.

Voice search optimisation

Optimise your websites and applications for voice search queries, ensuring they rank higher in voice-enabled search results. Reach a broader audience and improve your brand visibility.

Multilingual voice recognition

Develop and integrate voice recognition capabilities for multiple languages to cater to a global audience. Reach a wider audience and provide personalised experiences for customers across the globe.

Natural language understanding

Develop advanced voice recognition systems that can understand and respond to natural language queries. Provide a more seamless and intuitive user experience, enabling your customers to interact with your brand in a more natural and efficient way.

Voice-enabled customer support

Develop voice recognition systems that can handle customer queries and provide real-time support. Improve customer experience and reduce the workload for your customer support team.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems

Develop IVR systems that can process voice-based queries and provide relevant information or route calls to appropriate agents. Improve call handling efficiency and provide a more personalised experience for customers.

Voice-enabled smart home automation

Develop voice recognition systems that can control smart home devices using voice commands. Provide a convenient and seamless experience for users, enabling them to control their devices with ease.

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