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Legacy Applications Modernization

Get access to modernization, end-to-end porting, and re-engineering services, allowing you to improve business agility, reduce complexity, and faster time-to-market.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Optimize your IT systems with our state-of-the-art infrastructure automation, continuous integration, and delivery approach. Automation reduces TCO and shortens the product/service’s time to value.

Boost Software Performance & Agility

Achieve better business performance with the integration of technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, etc. Get access to the complete data pipeline from sourcing, interpretation, and consumption, helping you establish modern and real-time business data that a digital business requires.

Our Legacy Application Modernization Services

UI/UX Modernization

Effectively modernize UI/UX according to the changing and emerging market trends and customer expectations. Provide dynamic, user-centric experiences through effective information architecture, user and device-aware layout, content contextualization, and personalization enabling effective customer engagement.

Cloud Enablement

Transfer your business-critical workload to the cloud and achieve predefined outcomes. Our approach adopts the advantages of agile methodology which allows you to be agile, cost-effective, and scalable.

Intelligent Modernization

Integrate your legacy system with the latest tech stack - AI & ML, Voice interfaces, RPA, Blockchain, Cloud, etc. and assess, diagnose and resolve incidents with business-critical workloads.

Platform Migration

Seamless migration of IT systems from outdated technology platforms to next-gen technologies while minimizing downtime and maximizing data integrity. Our pre-configured migration assembly lines and solution accelerators quicken the time-to-market.

Architecture Modernization

Bring software agility and influence to the way software engages with your customer. Provide superior digital experience by revamping your software architecture with techniques like microservers and much more.

Domain Expertise

Customer Success Stories


A Cloud Storage and Media Sharing App for a Brazil based Digital Solution Provider

Unthinkable’s technology extensions lead to 2X faster development of cloud storage and media sharing…


How we reduced a leading betting app’s time-to-market by 50%

Unthinkable’s technology extensions helped Days of Poker, an open-face Chinese poker app, introduce a new twist to the traditional game.

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