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In today’s competitive business landscape, harnessing the power of data is crucial to staying ahead. ReportsWheel offers a comprehensive and tailored Reporting Solution designed to help you unlock the full potential of your data , enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve your business objectives

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User Listing & Statistics with Custom Privileges

Pool of Charts & Graphs to choose from

Role Level Conditions

Bookmark Dashboards with Custom Filters based on Requirements

Dashboard Segmentation into Custom Categories & Sub-Categories

Share Reports with others via Email

Embedding Dashboards

Activity Logs

On Premises Deployment

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What Sets Us Apart

In-house reporting solution

Our tailored, in-house developed solution ensures that you have the perfect tool to meet your unique business needs. With custom enhancements available, we can adapt ReportsWheel to suit your specific requirements.

One-time cost

Save on recurring subscription fees with our one-time cost model. This allows you to invest in a powerful BI tool without worrying about ongoing expense like other softwares.

On-premise deployment

Secure your data within your own infrastructure with our on-premise deployment option. This ensures that your sensitive information remains protected and under your control at all times.


Success story

Nokia's In-House Reporting Transformation

Challenges Faced

Solutions Provided by ReportsWheel

Relied on manual methods for data interpretation, leading to delays, errors, and redundancies.
Development of a sophisticated mobile and web-based data visualization solution, catering to both router performance and customer metrics.
Difficulty in leveraging router data aggregated from their extensive reach in India for performance metrics.
Utilization of React Native, ReactJS, and Python for crafting seamless mobile and web applications with powerful data engineering capabilities..
Need for a holistic business decision-making approach based on accurate and comprehensive data analysis.
Provision of over 42 detailed dashboards for efficient data analysis, including auto-scaling, centralized administration, and comprehensive reporting features.

Positive Impact on Nokia's Business

Praise for the state-of-the-art implementation and swift turnarounds for enhancements and changes, showcasing Nokia's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Informed business decisions based on in-depth insights from user data, leading to a stronger presence in the Indian telecom market.

Streamlined data interpretation and analytics processes, reducing delays, errors, and redundancies.

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