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  • Software Re-Engineering Services

    Keep your software relevant with increased agility and efficiency

    Software systems have to be scalable, resilient, and flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing technological environment and software reengineering helps ensure its sustainability. The idea behind software reengineering is to modernize a solution with a better feature set and a brand-new interface while maintaining the same functionality. Our software reengineering services help –

    • Elevate user experience by re-designing your software with modernized UI/UX.
    • Reduce the TCO of your software along with reducing your solution’s time-to-value.
    • Enhance the performance and agility of your software by integrating modern technologies.
    Future-Ready Software Reengineering Services
    Software Assessment & Audit

    Analyze your legacy software accurately and determine the modernization viability of your current systems. Leverage intelligent assessment and audit tools to understand the pitfalls of your current infrastructure and build a feasible roadmap to create a more efficient and agile solution.

    Software Reenginnering

    Re-design your current systems through reverse engineering, redocumentation, restructuring, translation and forward engineering. Upgrade your software by modernizing its technology, application, infrastructure, etc.

    Cloud Enablement

    Minimize your infrastructure costs and accelerate time-to-market by integrating your IT infrastructure, applications and processes to a secure cloud environment. Identify the best cloud architecture which helps you increasing the agility and scalability of your systems.

    UI/UX Modernization

    Re-model your solution to provide cutting-edge, intuitive and engaging user experiences. Craft user journeys, make processes straightforward, and provide users with relevant information at every step of the their user journey with a redefined UI/UX.

    Intelligent Modernization

    Integrate modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice Interfaces, Computer Vision, etc. to your current legacy systems to elevate them.

    Software Re-Platforming

    Seamlessly migrate your software solution to newer platforms equipped with modern technologies best suited for your software infrastructure. Experience minimal downtime and maintain your codebase while moving to a more efficient platform.

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    Software Re-Engineering Approach

    • Identify and analyze the shortcomings of the current software and recognize the scope for re-engineering.
    • Plan and strategize the solution development process according to your business goals.
    • Execute reverse and forward engineering with tool-driven approaches and integrated engineering ecosystems.
    • Leverage data-driven insights to sustain and scale your product for a better customer experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Software Re-engineering is a software development technique that aims to make a software system more maintainable. Re-engineering is the process of examining and altering a system in order to reassemble it in a new form.

    You need software re-engineering if- 

    • You want to optimize your IT spending because the cost of maintaining your software has increased.
    • You want to improve the performance of your software as your business grows, so you need a more reliable and scalable system than the one you have now.
    • You have system design issues.
    • You need to increase storage requirements.
    • You want to update the software applications in tune with future innovations.

    A junior or middle-level programmer cannot execute software re-engineering. Even seasoned professionals are frequently unable to put it into practice effectively. As a result, you’ll require a group of professionals with extensive experience in software reengineering and a broad understanding of numerous technologies.

    You should consider software reengineering when-

    • Your software becomes obsolete.
    • Your software support and maintenance costs get very high.
    • Your existing software is not scalable.
    • Your existing software has critical architectural flaws.
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