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  • Support & Maintenance Services

    Get access to best-in-class support & maintenance services

    Unthinkable’s software maintenance services keep your tech solutions in line with the latest technologies, features and performance standards.  We work towards improving flexibility, scalability, stability and operational efficiency of your tech solutions. Our maintenance activities cover every level, from meticulous pre-support audit and 24/7 software upkeep to transformative redesign.

    Future-Ready Software Support & Maintenance Services
    Software Support & Maintenance Consulting

    Thorough analysis & feasibility study of your maintenance and support project while designing the maintenance process, launch plan for the software support & maintenance and selecting optimal toolset and tech stack. 

    Performance Monitoring

    Team at Unthinkable perform in-depth analysis of your processes and suggest modifications for technical requirements. 

    Security Compliance

    Carry out continuous and scheduled checks on app functionalities and compliance standards for a seamless functioning. 

    Backups & Recovery

    Implement our advanced servers to store your enterprise data in a secured manner and make them easily accessible to you through valid authentication. Keep your applications guarded against security threats and data loss with our continuous server management, backup storage monitoring etc.

    Bug & Glitch Removal

    Get software errors fixed without any time lapse. Our services include eradication of bugs, setting glitches with the core algorithm- logical, coding and design errors.

    Software Audit

    Independent analysis & audit of software such as architecture and code audit, performance audit, security audit, infrastructure audit, etc.

    Software Support

    We provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support services for software developed by us or any third party vendor. We help you troubleshoot complications from providing workarounds & hot fixes to application enhancement.

    Server Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of your core applications, hardware and overall server performance to avoid your server failure, memory reaching threshold or downtime. 

    Software Maintenance & Support Types


    Corrective or bug maintenance fixes problems discovered by users or are identified during monitoring.


    Adaptive maintenance keeps software up-to-date by tuning it in line with the changing business needs. It is required when issues are caused by changes to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware of a product, thus requiring changes to the codebase.


    Perfective maintenance focuses on iterations,  continuously improving software’s usability, performance, and reliability. It also implements new features based on user submissions.


    Preventive maintenance ensures software continues functioning as it should while detecting and correcting latent issues of the operating system and devices on which the software runs.

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